Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How smart devices could save you money on home insurance. Also in the news: A new episode of the Smart Money podcast on protecting your privacy and front-loading a 401(k), investing guides for parents, and how many movies you need to see to make a theater subscription pay off.

Smart-Home Devices Could Save You Money on Home Insurance
Smart-home devices provide not only comfort and convenience, but also potential insurance discounts.

Smart Money Podcast: Protecting Your Privacy, and Front-Loading a 401(k)
How to protect yourself from being tracked by websites and apps that want to use your personal data.

Investing for Parents: Save for Retirement, Avoid These Mistakes
Raising a child is expensive, but sacrificing your retirement savings could cost you more.

How Many Movies Do You Need to See to Make a Theater Subscription Pay Off?
We are living in a golden age of movie theater subscription services—here’s how each one compares.