This week’s money news

This week’s top story: Home insurance companies may use aerial images to drop policies. In other news: how participating in campus protests could affect your financial aid, the worsening prescription drug shortage and how to cope with it, and balancing homebuying and summer travel.

Home Insurance Companies May Use Aerial Images to Drop Policies
Insurance companies may check photos of your home before deciding whether to renew your policy.

How Participating in Campus Protests Could Affect Your Financial Aid
Involvement in college protests could cost you your financial aid and more.

The Worsening Prescription Drug Shortage and How to Cope With It
Causes for the shortage vary but include a tornado-damaged Pfizer plant in North Carolina.

Yes, You Can Balance Homebuying and Summer Travel
Embarking on a getaway during your homebuying journey is possible — if you have a plan and don’t completely unplug.