Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story:  How to protect your spending power from inflation. Also in the news: How money red flags can make or break a couple, how Generation Z can jump-start savings, and how to tell if a subscription flight service is worth your money.

How to Protect Your Spending Power From Inflation
So the 7.5% spike seen over the past year in the costs of fuel, used vehicles, groceries and just about everything else is the kind of sudden and systemic rise that can give a jolt to most peoples’ everyday spending.

Money Red Flags Can Make or Break a Couple
If you both can discuss your differences with honesty and empathy, it’s an opportunity to emerge stronger. But some money red flags can’t be ignored.

How Generation Z Can Jump-start Savings (Advice Anyone Can Use)
Start saving early: Begin with a small amount, automate your deposits, earn interest and eventually level up.

How to Tell If a Subscription Flight Service Is Worth Your Money
Alaska Airlines is joining the subscription game with Flight Pass. How good of a deal is it?