Thursday’s need-to-know money news

file_161555_0_tax refundToday’s top story: How to keep your tax refund safe. Also in the news: How to achieve financial fitness, building your gift-buying budget, and how to be smart about holiday spending.

The Simple Way to Keep Your Tax Refund Safe
Protecting what’s yours.

5 Money-Saving Exercises to Achieve Financial Fitness
Getting your wallet in shape.

How to Build Your Gift-Buying Budget
Be strategic.

Why the Holidays Make Us Dumb About Spending
How to stay smart.

Monday’s need-to-know money news

Offering AdviceToday’s top story: How to get rid of an old debt. Also in the news: Living on half of your income, how to get yourself in good financial shape, and dealing with the debt of a loved one that passed away.

The Secret Way to Get Rid of an Old Debt
Resolving an old collection account.

The One-Year Shopping Ban: How This Woman Lived On Just 51% Of Her Income
Could you do it?

Get fit: How to improve your financial fitness
Like Crossfit for your wallet.

Debt and Dying: Five Things Surviving Family Members Need to Know
Protecting your finances while grieving.