Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to know if you qualify for free file and use it. Also in the news: 5 things to know about guaranteed universal life insurance, the worst that will happen if you file your taxes late, and if gas is really cheaper at Costco.

Analysis: Taxpayers Waste Billions on Filing Federal Returns
Each year, 70% of taxpayers qualify to file federal returns for free, but few do. The unnecessary spending could top $13 billion.

5 Things to Know About Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance
Here are five things you should know before buying a guaranteed universal life policy.

What’s the Worst That Will Happen If You File Your Taxes Late (or Not at All)?
Taxes are the least-popular aspect of modern civilization, but filing late—or not at all—is a big mistake.

Is Gas Really Cheaper at Costco?
Gas prices likely aren’t dropping any time soon. Could Costco be your saving grace?