This week’s money news

This week’s top story: Smart Money podcast on the future of college debt, and rent vs. buy (with a dog). In other news: Record levels of debt, how trusts can support loved ones with mental illness, and Fed has ‘moved a long way’ but doesn’t promise rate hike pause.

Smart Money Podcast: The Future of College Debt, and Rent vs. Buy (With a Dog)
This week’s episode starts with a discussion on the future of college debt.

The Worst Inflation of All: Record Levels of Debt
Money News & Moves: Battle adding more debt, and if you’re struggling to pay bills on time, take action in days, not weeks.

How Trusts Can Support Loved Ones With Mental Illness
Setting up a loved one with a mental illness for financial stability often requires an estate planning tool like a trust.

Fed Has ‘Moved a Long Way’ — But Doesn’t Promise Rate Hike Pause
The federal funds rate level is now 5% to 5.25%.