Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Debit card fraud? Act fast to protect your money. Also in the news: How a data nerd tackled buying a house, popular 2021 home upgrades and how to pay for them, and when you don’t need to buy travel insurance.

Debit Card Fraud? Act Fast to Protect Your Money
When dealing with debit card fraud, get in touch with your bank quickly to protect your account.

How a Data Nerd Tackled Buying a House
The best financial advice is a starting point.

Popular 2021 Home Upgrades — and How to Pay for Them
If you can’t pay for a remodeling project with your savings, compare financing options to find the right fit.

When You Don’t Need to Buy Travel Insurance
Cancellation policies have relaxed during the pandemic, so you may not need travel insurance at all.