Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 3 tasks for new retirees that will pay off later. Also in the news: Credit card interest vs. buy now, pay later, forget the fed, pay off your credit card debt, and cities where it’s cheaper to buy than rent.

3 Tasks for New Retirees That Will Pay Off Later
Taking care of one more to-do list early on can set you up for a better retirement.

Credit Card Interest vs. Buy Now, Pay Later: Which Is Better for My Budget?
Key differences, like how rates are calculated and how much debt you can take on, are crucial to consider when weighing each financing option.

Forget the Fed, Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt
Credit card debt is always expensive, no matter what interest rate changes the Federal Reserve makes.

It’s Cheaper to Buy a House Than Rent in These Cities
Purchase prices and rents are skyrocketing, but there are areas where homeownership isn’t entirely out of reach.