Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 3 ways to fight inflation and win the long game. Also in the news: Why you shouldn’t bank on your business to fund your retirement, how to save on school supplies by tapping your community, and how to tell if a credit card annual fee is worth it.

3 Ways to Fight Inflation and Win the Long Game
Three areas where smart strategies become even smarter when prices are rising.

Don’t Bank on Your Business to Fund Your Retirement
A business failure, health issues or shifting market conditions can leave you unable to fully retire.

How to Save on School Supplies by Tapping Your Community
It’s that time again: back to school, back to spending so much money on supplies.

How to Tell If a Credit Card Annual Fee Will Pay for Itself
Annual credit card fees can be worth the cost, depending on your situation.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: The high price of money shame. Also in the news: Will travel costs change as more vaccines roll out, how to tell if your credit card is worth the annual fee and snags hit free COBRA health insurance for the unemployed.

The High Price of Money Shame
Simply naming the emotions you feel about financial mistakes is a step toward breaking the cycle and taking control.

Will Travel Costs Change as Vaccines Roll Out?
With travel demand likely to increase, the price of flights and hotels will also rise if travelers wait to book.

How to Tell If Your Credit Card Is Worth the Annual Fee
Look for ways to offset the fee.

There are some snags in free COBRA health insurance for unemployed. Here’s what you need to know
A provision in the latest stimulus package nixes people’s monthly COBRA premiums for six months.