This week’s money news

This week’s top story: Smart Money podcast on no-spend month 2.0, and recovering from credit damage. In other news: February mortgage rates on the downslope by end of month, having a conversation about fraud with older adults, and how to save your job from laying off.

Smart Money Podcast: No-Spend Month 2.0, and Recovering From Credit Damage
This week’s episode starts with a conversation about how to do a no-spend month that will work for you.

February Mortgage Rates on the Downslope by End of Month
With inflation in retreat, mortgage rates could follow downward.

Have a Conversation (Not a Lecture) About Fraud With Older Adults
Chatting with older adults about fraud and scams could help everybody in the conversation avoid becoming a victim.

Industries Most Likely to See Layoffs + How to Save Your Job
Money News & Moves: As layoffs escalate, these are the jobs most at risk — and how to protect yours.