Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 5 ways businesses can get ahead of stalled supply chains. Also in the news: What you need to know about Medigap Plan A, traveling without a vaccine, and questions to answer before buying a house with a friend.

5 Ways Businesses Can Get Ahead of Stalled Supply Chains
Virtually no small business has been spared from recent supply chain disruptions.

What Is Medigap Plan A? What You Need to Know
Medigap Plan A offers all of the “basic benefits” included in every Medicare Supplement Insurance plan without any extras.

Ask a Travel Nerd: Can I Travel Without a COVID Vaccine?
Traveling while unvaccinated, whether domestically or internationally, will introduce some challenges.

Answer These Questions Before Buying a House With a Friend
Make it through the process with your friendship intact.