Friday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 3 steps to breaking unhealthy financial habits. Also in the news: Another $400 in free college aid, 4 retirement savings strategies for family caregivers, and what to know about the trend in buying “vacation homes” before a regular “starter home.”

3 Steps to Breaking Unhealthy Financial Habits
How do you know if you have unhealthy financial habits, and what can you do to build better ones?

Another $400 in Free College Aid Could Be Coming Your Way
The 2022 federal budget increases the annual Pell Grant limit, and students could receive more aid as a result.

4 Retirement Savings Strategies for Family Caregivers
Providing care for a family member can put a dent in retirement savings, but there are ways to get your finances on track.

Should You Buy a Vacation Home Before a Starter Home?
Why millennials are buying a “second” before their first.