Retirees’ top money regrets

In a previous column, I detailed retirees’ biggest lifestyle regrets, such as not traveling more before their health gave out and not communicating clearly with a partner about what they hoped retirement would be like.

Now we’ll cover the money moves retirees wish they hadn’t made. The big ones, of course, are starting to save too late and not saving enough, but there are other common regrets, according to certified financial planners from the Financial Planning Association and the Alliance of Comprehensive Planners. In my latest for the Associated Press, learning from the money regrets of other retirees.

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  1. bob kinoshita says

    Hi Liz. thanks for all your great advice. Ive been reading about the SECURE Act, and all the talk about Roth conversions and I got to wondering. Do inherited Roths have to be emptied in 10 years now? please advise.