Monday’s need-to-know money news

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday’s top story: Why many Americans are afraid of going broke when they retire. Also in the news: The expensive cost of payday, pawn shop and car title loans, tips on how to increase your credit score, and what you can do to fix your credit report.

Many Americans fear going broke in retirement
How prepared are you for retirement?

The Ugly Truth About Payday, Pawn Shop and Car Title Loans
That immediate solution to financial problems could come with a triple digit interest rate.

How to Increase a Credit Score: 5 Tips
Closing your accounts doesn’t always help.

Should You Pay Someone to Help Fix Your Credit Problems
Find out what you can do on your own first.

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  1. Jerome Barry says

    Hello Liz,
    Oh, darn, I don’t qualify. With $245K in the IRA, $7,000 in the 401(k), and $13,000 in the taxable account, I don’t qualify as “emerging affluent”. I guess that means I’m already affluent. Somebody has to be responsible for saving in this house. We all “want” so much crap that my 6-figure annual income could be wiped out by August if I started letting anyone in the house have too much. So, savings first, second, and third. And, yes, I’m afraid of going broke in retirement. I’m also afraid that these last two kids will never move out.