Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to make sure you’re insured for summer activities. Also in the news: Alternatives to business loans, making a home inventory for insurance claims, and the best credit cards for people with bad credit.

How to Make Sure You’re Insured for Summer Activities
Having the right insurance coverage can help you enjoy summer fun with peace of mind.

Can’t Get a Business Loan? Consider These Alternatives
Consider online lenders, business grants or raising equity if you can’t get a business loan from a traditional lender.

How to Make a Home Inventory for Insurance Claims
Doing an inventory while your home is safe and sound makes it easier to file insurance claims later.

These Are the Best Credit Cards for People With Bad Credit
If you have bad credit (or no credit history), here are the best options for you.

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  1. Thank you. But if there is no credit history, the limit on the card is very small and the percentage is high. (((