Monday’s need-to-know money news

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday’s top story: Seven things that won’t hurt your credit score. Also in the news: Discovering unclaimed property, seven ways to spring clean your finances, and how to get the best deal on buying a house.

Seven Things That Won’t Hurt Your Credit Score
Some of these may surprise you.

10 States Sitting on Billions of Dollars That Could Be Yours
A simple search can reveal if you have unclaimed property.

7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Finances
Time to get your financial house in order.

How to get the best deal buying a new house
The sooner you buy, the better.

Your 401(k) Plan: 3 Ways to Tell If It’s Any Good
How to find out if your compmany’s 401(k) is worth joining.


  1. I know someone who has asked for their inheritance UP FRONT before the parent passes away!!!! Desperation and poor money management made them do it….made them forget their own parents’ illnesses and needs…made them forget their morals and their values…made them forget everything EXCEPT their need to get that inheritance UP FRONT! As a guardian to an elderly parent, I have to constantly be on guard to outwit these types of family members! AS they can go around the guardian, they can influence the parent, they can pull schemes to try to gain access to funds or housing…all I am trying to do is take care of an elderly person who is in need of care and protection, love and respect until they pass away, then honor the will….this minefield of expected inheritance is fraught with emotional sheninigans!

  2. Found money!!! says

    I got on the missing money site then I went to my state and I found money for my Dad and myself and one brother! Easy as pie to apply for the money…highly recommend everyone do a search….mine is all the way back to 1978 from being a checker at Tom Thumb – must not have received my last check!!!! Yippee!