How to nag new coworkers to save for retirement

he most important thing you can say to a new hire may well be: “Have you signed up for the 401(k) yet?”

An astounding 3 out of 10 workers don’t know whether their employers offer retirement plans, according to a survey by research firm Morning Consult for the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

“That was, quite frankly, shocking,” says Kevin Keller, the board’s CEO. “But it clearly shows that people just don’t know what their options are.”

In my latest for the Associated Press, tips on convincing your younger co-workers to save for retirement.

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  1. Dan Haueter says

    Here Here: I am 70. I retired from County service 7 years ago, with a fixed pension. 40 years ago a senior employee, JoAnne Fenton, told me that not only should I match the County’s match, I should put the maximum I could legally put into my 401K and 457 plans. I now have a generous fixed retirement pension from my County service, and a million dollars in my 401k and 457 plans – money I don’t really need for my day to day expenses. I withdrew 60 thousand early this year (my mandatory withdrawal at age 79 1/2) and the fund has almost regained the amount withdrawn. Thank you JoAnne. Listen to your elders.