Friday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 5 car-buying mistakes to avoid in today’s overheated market. Also in the news: PPP is gone but government help for small businesses isn’t, experts make 5 predictions for Black Friday 2021, and how to avoid making this common mistake with your health savings account.

5 Car-Buying Mistakes to Avoid in Today’s Overheated Market
With limited car inventory and sky-high prices, it’s important for shoppers to avoid these costly mistakes.

PPP Is Gone, But Government Help for Small Businesses Isn’t
Government funding is still available for businesses in need of COVID relief or capital. Here are the options.

Experts Make 5 Predictions for Black Friday 2021
What holiday shopping could look like in 2021.

Avoid Making This Common Mistake With Your Health Savings Account
Despite the tremendous upside, only 9% of HSA owners invest the funds in their account.

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