4 tech tasks to keep your parents safer online

All of us are vulnerable to fraud. But the ways some older people use technology can put them at higher risk.

That’s where you come in. In my latest for the Associated Press, when you’re home for the holidays, or the next time you visit your folks, offer to help with a few tasks that can keep your parents safer online.

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  1. Clifford Stanley says

    Dear Liz, I am a retired CSRS. I fall under the windfall act.I can not find any information on my question. Does my S.S. account stop counting my years of payed in at age 66 or 70 when I will start collecting ?My birth date is 3-1-52. I will have paid in to the system at 66 for (12-31-18) 20 years. I am still working and will be at less till I am 75. Since my birth day is on the 1ST that will only give me 2 months of that year to pay in to the system, so i will only be able to get 3 more years credit?
    My next question is what is the formula after age 70 (still working) that my check will see an increase, not counting COLA.