The Smartest Financial Decision You’ll Ever Make

common-retirement-mistakesThere’s really only one thing young people need know about money: Save for retirement, starting now.

Yes, at some point you’ll want to pay off your debt, have an emergency fund and buy a home. Right now, though, you’re burning through your most limited resource, which is time. You can’t make more of it, you can’t get it back when it’s gone, and you have a limited window to harness its power.

In my latest for NerdWallet, why it’s imperative for young people to start saving for retirement immediately.

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  1. Kristena LaMar says:

    I agree! Started saving the maximum I could around age 30. Some years, I could only contribute my tax refund!

    I went to max in a few years. By the time I retired, I’d saved almost $500k! Money makes money!