Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How a mortgage nerd bought a house in a seller’s market. Also in the news: Why you should consider a second city trip in 2021, what changed while you were ignoring travel, and why travel is more expensive this summer.

How a Mortgage Nerd Bought a House in a Seller’s Market
Buying a house was super-hard, and I write about homebuying for a living. If you’re wondering how to pull it off, you’re not alone. Here’s what I did.

Why You Should Consider a ‘Second City’ Trip in 2021
Travelers are less interested in visiting big cities this summer. Here are some good alternatives.

What Changed While You Were Ignoring Travel?
Catch up on what happened in the travel industry while you were staying home.

7 Reasons Travel Is More Expensive This Summer
A look at the prices.

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