Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: 4 ways to fortify your finances against natural disasters. Also in the news: What ‘Medicare For All’ could mean for your healthcare, 8 times to rethink asking for a credit card product change, and the risks of crypto loans.

4 Ways to Fortify Your Finances Against Natural Disaster
A “go bag” for your money.

What ‘Medicare for All’ Could Mean for Your Health Care
The much-discussed proposal calls for universal single-payer health care. If enacted, what would it mean for you?

8 Times to Rethink Asking for a Credit Card Product Change
Switching to a different credit card can make sense in many circumstances. But here are times when it’s not the best option.

Crypto Loans Unlock Cash, but They Carry Risks
Borrowing against your crypto is possible, but its unstable value makes it a risky option.

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