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This week’s top story: 5 tax moves to consider before year-end. In other news: Wells Fargo could face over $1B in fines, 4 ways savings vaults can help you manage holiday spending, and when student loan payments resume.

5 Tax Moves to Consider Before Year-End
Careful tax planning can mean fewer surprises when it comes time to file. Here are a few tips to consider before the year winds down.

Wells Fargo, Back in the Hot Seat, Could Face Over $1B in Fines
The nation’s third-largest bank has for years been embroiled in investigations and ethical breaches.

4 Ways Savings Vaults Can Help You Manage Holiday Spending
With these mini accounts, you can organize your spending this holiday season without going over budget while also earning interest.

When Do Student Loan Payments Resume?
The White House has extended payment forbearance into 2023. With forgiveness in doubt, use this extra time wisely.

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