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This week’s top story:  3 ways to reduce taxes on Social Security. In other news: How one driver cut her auto insurance costs by almost 40%, how to budget with a fluctuating income, and divorce after 60 and health benefits.

3 Ways to Reduce Taxes on Social Security
There are a few ways to reduce that tax bite, however, especially if you can plan ahead.

How One Driver Cut Her Auto Insurance Costs by Almost 40%
Auto insurance rates are on the rise. Here’s what you can do to lower yours.

How to Budget With a Fluctuating Income
If you have irregular income, it’s important to track your spending and create a budget so that you can plan ahead.

Divorce After 60: What Happens to Your Health Benefits?
From COBRA to Medicare, here are the questions to ask about health care coverage after a later-in-life divorce.

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