This week’s money news

This week’s top story: Smart Money podcast on seasonal housing market trends and travel credit card tips. In other news: How to survive a strike, act fast to preserve credit when a credit card issuer decides to close an account, and home hospital care is on the rise.

Smart Money Podcast: Seasonal Housing Market Trends, Travel Credit Card Tips
Seasonal housing market trends can have a big impact on homebuying (or selling!), which is why NerdWallet data writer Liz Renter joins today’s episode to discuss the latest patterns.

How to Survive a Strike
The more savings you can set aside in the event of a strike, the better you’ll feel about supporting the cause when the time comes.

Issuer Closing Your Credit Card? Act Fast to Preserve Credit
When a credit card issuer decides to close an account, there may be a narrow window of time to safeguard credit.

Home Hospital Care Is on the Rise — Is It Right for You?
The pandemic gave a boost to the concept of sending patients home for certain types of care. Here’s what to know.