This week’s money news

This week’s top story: Smart Money podcast on the price of parenthood. In other news: 4 tips on avoiding financial regrets in retirement, opening a Roth IRA with a summer job, and Supreme Court strikes down student debt cancellation.

Smart Money Podcast: The Price of Parenthood: In Vitro Fertilization and the Future of Parenthood
This week’s episode continues our Nerdy Deep Dive into the price of parenthood.

Experts Offer 4 Tips on Avoiding Financial Regrets in Retirement
Even if you’re already retired, you can take action to improve your retirement finances.

Got a Summer Job? Consider Opening a Roth IRA
You don’t have to wait until your first full-time job out of college to start saving for retirement.

Supreme Court Strikes Down Student Debt Cancellation. Now What?
Get in touch with your servicer and prepare for payments to resume in October.