This week’s money news

This week’s top story: Smart Money podcast on making hobbies affordable, and saving money priorities. In other news: What a usury law is and how it affect interest rates, May jobs data shows strong growth, even as unemployment rose, and 3 signs it’s time to pause credit card spending.

Smart Money Podcast: Making Hobbies Affordable, and Saving Money Priorities
This week’s episode starts with our tips about how to make hobbies more affordable.

What Is a Usury Law and How Does It Affect My Interest Rates?
A usury law is essentially an interest rate law. For the most part, loan rates are controlled at the state level.

May Jobs Data Shows Strong Growth, Even as Unemployment Rose
The May unemployment rate is 3.7%.

3 Signs It’s Time to Pause Credit Card Spending
Switching your payment method to cash or debit may help you reach financial goals or pay down debt faster.