Q&A: Investment returns

Dear Liz: In a recent column you mentioned a fund that shows a return of 7% consistently for several years to present. Would you be so kind as to provide me with the name of the fund?

Answer: I don’t know of any mutual fund that’s shown a consistent 7% return year in and year out. What you may be referring to is research showing overall stock market returns. Taking into account each year’s gains and losses, the average annual return over each 30-year period starting in 1928 — from 1928 to 1958, 1929 to 1959, and so on — is greater than 8%, but you can’t expect 8% every year.

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  1. Costco and American Express.
    Costco announced with fanfare last fall their intended move from Amex to CityCorp Spring of 2016. Since that time all quiet.
    Too many hurdles? changing membership info, etc.? or?
    Question. Will the cancelation of a long held Amex card be a hit to credit scoring if typical processes are in place or with the credit reporting bureaus adjust their scoring given many will not want to continue with a Amex?
    What then will be impact of a new credit card hitting a persons credit score at the same time as a “hit” canceling a long term Amex card?

    • Liz Weston says

      I’m still checking this out. Theoretically the new card should only be at most a five-point hit and the impact would fade really fast. If the new card has similar limits, there shouldn’t be any other effects.

    • Gina Loukareas says

      Here’s an answer for you from NerdWallet: Probably not. Read more at http://nerd.me/1XlmTdN.

  2. What will be the effect of the IMF recognizing the Yuan as one of the basket of currencies? Will it be backed by gold as is the plan and what effect will it have on the dollar and its fluctuations.

    • Hi, Robert. I don’t really offer investing opinions or advice. You might check out the Motley Fool for that.