Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to help your parents navigate health care in retirement. Also in the news: What to buy (and skip) in January, borrow a 2022 money goal from a finance nerd, and would you relocate for $10K?

How to Help Your Parents Navigate Health Care in Retirement
Try these tips to be the best advocate for your parents when and if they need your help.

What to Buy (and Skip) in January 2022
New tips for the new year.

Need a 2022 Money Goal? Borrow One From a Finance Nerd
Set yourself up for success by setting reasonable goals, breaking them down into smaller steps and being persistent.

Would You Relocate for $10K? Should You?
Before you pack your bags, read the fine print, talk to your employer and assess your own deal-breakers.

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