Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Should you bank with your brokerage?Also in the news: AirPods Black Friday 2021 deals, Smart Money Podcast on the benefits of being boring with your money, and saving money even back at the gym.

Should You Bank With Your Brokerage?
A cash management account can make it easier to invest, and CMAs have their own unique banking-style benefits.

AirPods Black Friday 2021 Deals: Are They Worth It?
Amazon and Best Buy are marking the AirPods Pro down to $189.99.

Smart Money Podcast The Benefits of Being Boring With Your Money, and Why to Make a Will ASAP
The benefits of being boring with your money.

Quitting Peloton? You Can Save Money, Even Back at the Gym
Peloton’s weak earnings data indicates that people are quitting at-home workouts. It could save you money, too.