In case you missed it: paying off your mortgage and using onine advisors

Offering AdviceMortgage rates may be headed up, but many of us locked in crazy-low interest rates while we could. So should we just enjoy our good fortune, or is there an argument for paying off even super-cheap debt? I discuss what my husband and I decided to do in “When to pay down your mortgage.”

Online financial advice is finally coming into its own, with two predominant models: the computerized portfolio, which offers diversifed investing at very low cost, and the virtual human, which uses technology plus contact with a real advisor. The first model could be a great fit for the DIY-er who understands how fees can hold back your returns, while the second works on both the high and low ends, providing advice and a personal touch at a lower cost than you might find elsewhere. Read more at “Investing sites give planners a run for their money.”


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