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Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Aug 06, 2013 | | Comments Comments Off

Car crashWhy students are a prime target for identity thieves, an easy way to save money on homeowners insurance, mistakes to avoid when buying a house and how cell-using drivers set themselves up for disaster.

The ABCs of Back-to-School Identity Theft Protection
Students of all ages are easy targets for identity theft.

Simple Tip Can Save You Big on Homeowners Insurance
Your deductible could be the key to savings.

The IRS Filed a Tax Lein on Your Home—Now What?
Don’t let your panic become a distraction. Buying a House? Don’t make these mistakes.
Things not to be overlooked while house hunting.

25% of Car Crashes Involved Cel Phones
Drivers using cellphones fail to see up to 50% of the information in their environment.

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