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School Kids DiversitySaving on back-to-school shopping, tool to make managing your money easier, and what you need to do financially when your marriage comes to an end.

Be Smart on Back-to-School Shopping
How to fill their backpacks without emptying your wallet.

8 Money Tools You Should Try
8 tools to make managing your money much easier.

How To Reduce Your Debts Without Spending Unnecessarily
You shouldn’t have spend money to get out of debt.

Save Your Way to $1 Million Dollars
It might be easier than you think!

We’re Getting A Divorce, Now What?
Ways to protect yourself financially when your marriage comes to its end.

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Claudette Fabian
July 31st, 2013 at 2:54 pm

Your recent ans. in the P.B.Post has me further confused. My ? is re: divorced spousal benefits after death of ex-husband. We were married 18 yrs. I have never remarried. I am 77 & retired at full benefits at 65. Currently my S.S. is $1718 before Medicare. He retired at 62 reduced benefits. He remarried(33) years & divorced again. If he dies before I do, can I qualify for 1/2 his benefits, does 2nd wife get 1/2 also or as I was told, both are reduced because we have to share?? Is my benefit amt. the deciding factor in receiving any additional benefits at all? Is my SS too high or do I get additional $ anyway? I have conflicting info both from SSA & articles I have read. Please advise as he is currently in ICU & I will lose very small alimony upon his death.


Since you were married at least 10 years and are unmarried (or married after age 60), you would qualify for survivors benefits if they’re more than what you’re currently getting. The survivors benefit would be 100% of his reduced benefit. The other ex-wife could also get a survivor’s benefit and that wouldn’t affect what you get. In other words, you wouldn’t have to share.