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Friday Follows: What’s interesting out there

Mar 16, 2012 | | Comments Comments Off

Here are some recent, thought-provoking articles that are worth a look:

Get ready: inflation may hit 15%” from Kathy Kristof on MoneyWatch. Alarmist? Maybe, but there’s a lot of cheap money sloshing around in the economy right now. Once the economy heats up, that fuel could catch fire. If you don’t remember the 1970s, this is a good primer in what to do when prices skyrocket.

Daily coupon deals may not work for buyers, sellers” from USA Today. I’ve gotten some great deals–and some real stinkers. Some businesses benefit, others don’t. What do you think?

Bouncing back” from another friend, Melissa Balmain, on Success. How people find the strength to go on in tough times, and how to develop your own “resistance muscle.”

Bulls, bears and bailouts” from ProPublica captures the highlights of a Reddit chat with Wall Street reporter Jesse Eisinger. Jesse’s answer to why more of the architects of the financial collapse aren’t in jail? “Prosecutors have been overly risk-averse.”

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