Friday’s need-to-know money news

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailToday’s top story: The most common mistakes tax filers make. Also in the news: The terms every student loan borrower should know, how to handle early-year medical expenses, and six apps that’ll help manage your money.

The 8 Most Common Mistakes When Filing Annual Taxes
How to avoid making them.

5 Student Loan Terms Every Borrower Should Know
Know what you’re getting into.

5 tips for handling early-year medical expenses
Understanding your coverage.

6 Great Financial Apps That Will Make Managing Your Money Easier
A little help from your smartphone.

How Getting a Car Loan Affects Your Credit Report
What those new wheels mean for your credit.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news


Today’s top story: Should you do your own taxes or hire a professional? Also in the news: How to be a frugal foodie, why you should check all three of your credit reports, and what to expect if you get audited. Tax Preparer Vs. Software: How To Choose Deciding whether to get help or go […]

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Wednesday’s need-to-know money news


Today’s top story: Things to think about before paying your taxes with a credit card. Also in the news: How to collect a bad debt, the essentials for getting a good car deal, and the special tax challenges facing Americans living abroad. 4 Things To Think About Before Paying Your Taxes With A Credit Card […]

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Tuesday’s need-to-know money news


Today’s top story: The increasing threat of medical identity theft. Also in the news: the student loan time bomb, how to gain an edge when selling your home, and how to fix a high electric bill. A Dangerous Form of Identity Theft Is Growing Fast Medical identity theft is on the rise. Student Loan Time […]

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Are you missing a W-2?

IRS 1040 Tax Form Being Filled Out

An incorrect W-2, or employer’s failure to send you a W-2 at all, doesn’t get you off the hook with the IRS–you’re still expected to file your tax return on time. Even if you file an extension, you’re required to estimate and pay what you owe by April 15. The good news is that you […]

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Monday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: How to live without credit cards. Also in the news: The sad state of American’s emergency funds, what the proposed net neutrality law could mean for your internet, and what you need to know about taxes if you work from home. 4 Tips for Living Without Credit Cards How to get in […]

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Q&A: Surviving on Social Security Disability

Dear Liz: I’ve been on disability for over 10 years, and I currently receive $1,527 a month in Social Security Disability Insurance. My rent starting in March will be $1,400. I’m not opposed to moving, but after checking literally thousands of listings, I found that what I’m paying is not unusual for my area. I’m […]

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Q&A: Financial advice and family

Dear Liz: Regarding the brother who has the financially irresponsible sisters, in general I agree with you about not pestering people who don’t want advice. But with family, it’s different. It is quite obvious to me and other readers that this man is concerned about his sisters coming to him later in life even if […]

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Q&A: Bonus taxing

Dear Liz: You recently answered a question from someone who wondered whether to pay off tax debt or credit cards with a $10,000 bonus. You asked why the person planned to put only about half the bonus toward debt instead of all of it. I think I know the answer. A bonus is considered taxable […]

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Friday’s need-to-know money news


Today’s top story: What a missed mortgage payment can do to your credit. Also in the news: How to turn your retirement savings into income, tools that will simplify your life and save you money, and what we can learn about money from the movies. How Much Will My Credit Score Drop If I Miss […]

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