Friday’s need-to-know money news

imagesToday’s top story: Where you can do your back-to-school shopping tax-free! Also in the news: Personal finance apps for young people, what to do when your identity is stolen, and money moves every 20-something should make before the end of summer.

18 States Where You Can Do Your Back-to-School Shopping Tax-Free
More money for school supplies!

10 Personal Finance Apps For Teens And Young Adults
The earlier they start, the better off they’ll be.

9 Things to Do Immediately After Your Identity Is Stolen
Don’t panic.

6 Money Moves Every 20-Something Should Make Before Summer Is Over
Getting yourself on the right track for the rest of the year.

Top 10 U.S. Cities To Retire If You Still Want To Work
In case you’re not ready to golf full-time.

Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Avoiding financial aid scams. Also in the news: Escaping the credit card fee trap, a beginner’s guide to your company’s stock plan, and the credit score for small businesses. Not So FAFSA: How to Avoid a Student Aid Scam Protecting both your information and your child’s. How to Escape the Credit-Card Fee […]

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Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: What your bank won’t tell you when you get a mortgage. Also in the news: Retiring your debts before retirement, health care to-dos that can save you money, and apps that can keep your cell phone safe from security threats. 4 Things Your Bank Won’t Tell You When You Get a Mortgage […]

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Should you send your kid to college with a credit card?

Savvy parents know the importance of building a good credit history. They also know that paying with a credit card can be more convenient and secure than other methods. But personal finance expert Janet Bodnar has one word of advice for parents thinking of providing their college-bound children with a credit card: don’t. “It’s dangerous […]

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Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: More than half of college students don’t check their credit scores. Also in the news: Avoiding common home buying mistakes, the habits of successful savers, and three employee benefits you may be missing. More Than Half of Students Don’t Check Their Credit Scores A very big mistake. How To Avoid Common Home […]

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Monday’s need-to-know money news

Excellent Credit Score with writing hand

Today’s top story: What can lead to a black mark on your credit report. Also in the news: Rules to follow for starting a business with a friend, how to reduce student loan costs, and the most undervalued cities in the United States. What Will Leave a Black Mark on My Credit Report? Discovering what […]

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Q&A: Social Security death benefits for a divorced spouse

Dear Liz: I have heard conflicting information about Social Security death benefits for a divorced spouse. We divorced after 18 years and I have not remarried. What percent of his benefit is available to me? My own Social Security is low as it started as a disability payment and then converted to regular Social Security […]

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Q&A: Personal loan debt vs credit card debt

Dear Liz: I need to understand how credit reporting agencies treat personal unsecured loan debt versus credit card debt. I am considering getting a personal loan from a reputable lender to pay down my credit card debt. The amount of my overall debt will still be the same, just in a different category. How will […]

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Friday’s need-to-know money news


Today’s top story: How to keep your identity secure. Also in the news: Automating your way to wealth, what you need to consider before becoming a co-signer, and what to tell your grandkids about saving for retirement. Keep Your Identity Secure With a Credit Freeze or Fraud Alert Protecting your important assets. How to Automate […]

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Social Security’s divorce and survivors benefits for same-sex married couples


Same-sex marriage has been legal long enough in a couple of U.S. states that its pioneers may qualify for Social Security benefits even if they divorce. Marriages that last at least 10 years before they end qualify the participants for both spousal and survivor benefits from Social Security. Spousal benefits equal up to half the […]

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