Money Makeovers

What first-time homebuyers need to know

Newlyweds contemplate buying their first home. They need to know how much they can afford as
well as some strategies for saving a down payment with with irregular incomes.

How to protect yourself and your business

Bad things happen, as this Colorado couple well knows: she almost died in a motorcycle accident.
Liz discusses the types of insurance they need for themselves and their budget.

Blending families and finances

This husband and wife each have kids from previous unions. They talk with Liz about whether and
how to combine finances, how to plan for college and what they need to know about 529 plans.

Smart strategies for the self-employed

Business owner Christine needs to know how much salary she can take, how to reduce
taxes and how to budget for business expenses.

Dealing with student loan debt

A couple worries about their student loan debt. Liz talks about the differences between
good and bad debt, and how to fit debt repayment into their priorities

How to save for retirement

A couple wants to know how much to save so they can retire while they’re young enough to enjoy it.
Liz talks about what that requires and how to invest to meet their goals.

Coping with teen drivers

A mom with two newly-minted drivers needs help dealing with high insurance costs.

A budget that works

Unexpected expenses and impulse shopping are knocking this single mom off her budget.
Liz discusses ways to get back on track.

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