Friday’s need-to-know money news

Pile of Credit Cards

Today’s top story: How to fix common credit card problems. Also in the news: Why Millennials are delaying retirement savings, how to get a great deal on a car lease, and how medical debt can affect your credit score. 5 Common Credit Card Problems & How To Fix Them Solutions to common problems. Millennials Crushed […]

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What a Fed rate hike will mean for your finances


The Fed’s decision to boost interest rates – when it finally happens – will not significantly impact your household budget, at least not immediately. Instead, take it as a signal to get your finances ready for the increases to come. “It’s like the first snowfall,” said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst for “The first […]

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Thursday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: What to expect from your company’s financial wellness program. Also in the news: What to do if you’re being audited, big life insurance mistakes, and three absolute necessities if you’re buying a home. What to Expect From Your Company’s Financial Wellness Plan Taking cues from physical wellness plans. Getting Audited? 5 Things […]

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Wednesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: Why you shouldn’t cancel your old credit cards. Also in the news: How to outsmart financial spies, why Millennials should automate their savings, and the biggest money worries in your state. 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Cancel Old Credit Cards Protecting your debt usage ratio. 12 Tips to Outsmart Financial Spies Be the […]

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Saving money aboard a Disney cruise

Mom Dad Daughter beach

In a previous post, I covered ways you can save money when booking your Disney cruise. Here are a few more ideas for saving money while aboard. Keep it simple. A friend who took the western Caribbean cruise booked an excursion at every port—and regretted it. Excursion costs tend to be high, particularly if you […]

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Thinking about a Disney cruise? Read this.

Mom daughter cruise world

If your kids aren’t bugging you about taking a Disney cruise, then either you don’t have kids or they can’t talk yet. The idea that any child would be immune from Disney’s marketing might is hard to fathom. Disney cruises are pricier than most others for good reason, as I explained this week in my […]

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Tuesday’s need-to-know money news

Today’s top story: The cost of spending your retirement money before you retire. Also in the news: How to build a high credit score from scratch, how to get over spending mistakes, and the boring secret to getting rich. Should You Ever Spend Your Retirement Money Before You Retire? It’ll cost you. 3 Steps To […]

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Q&A: Parental identity theft

Dear Liz: I have been dating my boyfriend for about eight months and he recently told me that his dad took out a credit card in his name when he was a baby. He has about $150,000 in debt because of this! This is a very serious, life-changing crime but my boyfriend is reluctant to […]

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Q&A: Credit card useage

Dear Liz: I recently refinanced my home and one of the perks was a 0% interest credit card. The problem is that I have two credit cards and I am happy with them, but I am afraid that having a third will adversely affect my credit score. I have no plans to borrow money in […]

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Q&A: State tax breaks for 529 plans

Dear Liz: You recently answered a question from grandparents who were contributing $20,000 to their grandson’s college education. You correctly told them they did not qualify fdownloador federal education tax credits or deductions because he was not a dependent. You might let grandparents know, however, that they may get a state tax break for contributing […]

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