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Dear Liz: I would like to get all three of my credit scores at one time, and I’m willing to pay. But I find no options on either the MyFico website or on the Equifax site to do this without having to sign up for some complex and expensive program. Didn’t it used to be possible to buy all the scores for about $30? If you know of a way to do so, I would appreciate your sharing it.

Answer: Each of the three credit bureaus sells its own, proprietary score to consumers, but those aren’t the FICO scores used by most lenders.

The only place you can buy two of your three FICO scores is MyFico.com for $19.95 each. MyFico once sold FICOs from all three bureaus, but Experian no longer sells FICOs to consumers (although it continues to sell them to lenders).

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