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Should I tap a child’s Roth IRA to pay for tuition?

Nov 27, 2007 | | Comments Comments Off

Dear Liz: My teenage daughter has a modest amount in a Roth IRA that has only a very small gain. I am thinking about using the principal on her private high school tuition so that the account is not considered when she applies for college tuition aid. Is this shortsighted?

Another factor is that I have inherited part of the estate of a relative. Although the transfer isn’t finalized, I probably will get the money during the same year that will be used to determine the financial aid for her first year in college.

Would she be better off if I left the Roth alone and used the inheritance? Or should I reduce the funds in her account?

Answer: Leave that Roth alone!

Retirement funds aren’t included in federal financial aid calculations. And it’s an awful idea to use retirement funds for educational expenses in any case.

Left alone, even a modest sum in a Roth can grow substantially, particularly because it will be 50 years or so before she reaches retirement. In that time, a $5,000 balance could grow to nearly $235,000, assuming she averages 8% annual returns.

Your inheritance will affect your daughter’s financial aid package, but perhaps not by as much as you think. The federal aid formula generally requires you to contribute less than 6% of your “discretionary” assets toward your children’s education.

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