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Separate your finances before divorce is final

Sep 21, 2009 | | Comments Comments Off

Dear Liz: My wife and I each had excellent credit when we married 10 years ago. We are now divorcing (amicably). Since we married, we have put everything in her name: two houses in succession, three cars, all car insurance and utilities. We refinanced our house in February with her name first.

I recently opened checking and savings accounts in my name only and had my paycheck deposited there instead of our joint account.

What steps should I take before a divorce decree to be sure I retain a great credit score?

Answer: To protect their credit, divorcing couples should make sure to close all joint credit accounts and transfer any balances to the partner who will be responsible for paying the obligation.

The same is true for mortgages and other loans that are in both names. Whenever possible, these debts should be refinanced in the responsible party’s name only.

All this should be done before the divorce is final. Otherwise, your ex can trash your credit — deliberately or not.

If your name is still on the mortgage, car loans or credit cards, your scores could plummet if she misses a payment. You would have little recourse because your creditors aren’t bound by your divorce agreement, even if it plainly requires her to stay up to date on these obligations.

Closing accounts and opening new ones can inflict temporary dings on your credit, but these pale in comparison to the damage done by a single skipped payment. If you want to keep that amicable vibe and your excellent scores, separate your credit accounts now.

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