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You can probably call the bank, have them close the account and cut you a check for the balance. There shouldn’t be a fee for that. The main risk is that the check gets lost in the mail.


Your answer seems incomplete. If you want to transfer money from Bank A to Bank B, you probably will have to pay a fee if you are logged on to the account at Bank A and want to transfer money OUT. But if you are logged on to the account at Bank B, you can usually transfer money IN without a fee.


The problem is that even though Bank B doesn’t charge a fee for the incoming transfer, Bank A still charges a fee for the outgoing transfer. Bank of America’s online account, for example, charges a $3 fee for outgoing transfers.


Some banks charge fees for closing accounts and issuing final checks, unfortunately. That’s why I suggested talking to a bank rep to see if there were any free ways to get access to the money.