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More free help–this time from Fidelity

Mar 12, 2009 | | Comments Comments Off

piggybank_mediumFidelity Investments is offering a program called Guide to Personal Savings – a series of free seminars and online tools to help consumers with their budgets, saving plans and investing goals.

A survey conducted by Fidelity Feb. 12-17 found that 83% of the 1,472 respondents said they had not sought financial help in the past 12 months because they thought they could not afford it.

The survey also found that 87% said the economic crisis had made them realize they needed to have an emergency fund. However, only 46% said they had such a fund. Fifty-one percent said they planned to start one in the next six months.

“We want everyone to know that financial help is available to them, at no cost, whether you’re a Fidelity customer or not,” said Kathleen A. Murphy, president of Fidelity Personal Investing, in a release.

Here are some of the free programs Fidelity is offering:

  • More than 500 seminars at its investment centers by the end of March.
  • New tools and calculators at the company’s Web site, www.fidelity.com/gps, including a Savings Planner (to help meet your savings goals); Portfolio Review (investment strategies);  and Budget Snapshot (find out where you’re spending your money)
  • For those with Fidelity workplace savings plans, a series of weekly Webinars.

For more information, go to www.fidelity.com/gps

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