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Fewer seats, a bit more consumer confidence and pent-up demand from people who stayed home last year likely will mean higher fares as we close in on the holiday season, CNN reports.

Booking now can save you money, as can avoiding the peak travel periods where airlines typically tack on $30 surcharges. Peak travel days include Nov. 19-24 and 26-29, Dec. 17-24 and Dec. 26-Jan.3.

In addition, CNN writes:

Be flexible on dates for the best fares. According to Farecompare.com, the cheapest days to fly are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The cheapest time to fly is typically the first flight out in the morning.

“Sundays are the absolute worst days to fly, and the worst time slot to try to book is the Sunday after Christmas through the Sunday after the New Year’s holiday,” [Bestfares.com's Tom] Parsons said.

For more on cutting the cost of travel, see:

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You are right about the airlines doing better than the past few years but you are wrong about the fare hikes during the holiday weeks. We booked a flight Thanksgiving week and I checked the difference from the week before and it was $100 a ticket!! Ouch, but we want to see our son who’s in college so what are you going to do wait til we get old?? Lucky for us our finances can take it.


The surcharge would be in addition to the higher price and not all airlines charge it. Hope you have a great trip!