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Dear Liz: No question here, just a suggestion. I think you should emphasize to your readers that they should avail themselves of retirement and financial planning seminars that may be offered by their employers early on in their careers.

That way, they’ll have the maximum time possible to make the right decisions and allow their investments to grow.

I finally went to one of my employer’s retirement seminars at age 40, after working for the company for 16 years. Although I found out that I was not too far off track, there were definitely things I could have done differently to maximize my retirement benefits. As you know, timing is everything in investing.

Answer: Actually, “time” is everything in investing. The earlier you start and the longer you stay invested, the better as you now know.

Your point about attending employers’ education seminars is well taken. Many people put off investing for retirement or aren’t comfortable making decisions about how to invest, and those seminars can help them get over those barriers. A few hours invested in one of those seminars can pay huge dividends.

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