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Dear Liz: I am 66 and receive Social Security benefits in addition to working part time. I’m covered by Medicare. My employer deducts payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare from my paycheck. Since I get no benefit from these taxes, do I have any recourse to recovering what amounts to $100 a month? My employer says the payroll service it subscribes to automatically makes these deductions.

Answer: The short answer is no. If you work, you typically have to pay into the Medicare and Social Security systems. Console yourself with the fact that you’re at least receiving the benefits for which you paid earlier. Younger workers typically pay in much more each month with no assurance they’ll get the full benefits they’ve been promised. As currently structured, Social Security will be able to pay just 75% of promised benefits after 2036, and Medicare is scheduled to run into the red several years earlier.

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Social Security regularly reviews your earnings and recalculate your benefits. I started my benefits while I was still working and Social Security has increased my benefits twice already, recalculating the taxes I had paid that were not included in previous calculations.