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Dear Liz: I am freaking out and losing sleep. I got a letter about five years ago from the IRS telling me I owed it money, so I stopped filing my taxes. Now I feel scared and nervous and don’t know how to fix this. I have my paperwork and want to file all my returns and see how much I owe. I usually get refunds so hopefully the tax bill won’t be too bad, but I just don’t know where to start. Should I hire an attorney or just throw myself on the mercy of the IRS? Money is tighter than ever, but I feel that I can’t move forward until I resolve this issue.

Answer: It’s too late for you, but others who may be tempted to ignore their obligation to file tax returns need to know two things.

The first is that the failure-to-file penalty is much worse than the failure-to-pay penalty. Since the IRS offers payment plans, it’s better to file than not, even if you can’t pay right away.

The second is that you have only three years to file a tax return before you lose any refunds to which you might have been entitled.

In short, not filing can cost you, big time. You don’t need to throw yourself on the IRS’ mercy, but you should find a good tax preparer who has dealt with this issue before. Many have, as there seems to be no shortage of people like you. Your local certified public accountant society or the National Assn. of Enrolled Agents, at www.naea.org, can provide referrals.

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Okay, I’m close to SIX years behind. Confident I will receive a refund for ALL of those years, now you’re telling me that’s NOT the case? Please elaborate.


Sorry. You have three years from the original due date of the return to file and get your refund for that year. After that, you’re out of luck. The IRS has more here: http://tinyurl.com/22w62r