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Quiet Noon

Creative Commons License photo credit: Lensaku

So you just graduated into the worst recession since the Great Depression with a boatload of debt and no job.

My question is: why are you still here?

There will never be a better time in your life to travel the world than right now. You’ve got months until your first loan payment is due, the world is on sale thanks to the downturn, and you’re young enough that hostels, third-class railway cars and street vendor food don’t scare you.

So go.

Got no money? Get a crap job for a couple of months, stock shelves or flip burgers or whatever, and then go. Pick regions where your money goes farther–South America, Indonesia, India. You may well be able to live for far less than you can at home, while expanding your horizons, meeting new people and having the adventure of a lifetime.

Then go. Just go.

You have the rest of your life to get ahead, climb the ladder, pay the bills, work the overtime. You have this special time, right now, to wander the earth while you’re young, curious and healthy. Your mind is open to new experiences and new people. It’s time to make the memories and friendships that may last the rest of your life.

So. Just. Go.

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No kidding, I think this is the best college grad advice I’ve read in recent memory. I love it.



Thanks, Steve. I actually got a rather longing tweet from a grad who HAS a job and is a little sorry about it.


Great advice Liz!

I think all of us older working stiffs can collectively agree on this…

I would just like to grab every new grad by the shoulders, look ‘em in the eye, & implore them to go be free… even if it’s just for a season.


Thank you so much for saying this! I always tell people in their early 20s, “Don’t squander your youth working!” That travel will be your education in life, and will be worth more personally, and maybe professionally, than that dime-a-dozen college degree. Why are kids so scared to fall behind in the rat race? I went to an Ivy League school; my boyfriend never went to college but travels around the world for a living and is a lot smarter than me (not to mention has way more job security!)