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My book “The 10 Commandments of Money” is coming out in paperback later this month–and I’m making room on my bookshelves by giving away five copies of the hardcover version.

You can enter to win a copy by leaving a comment on my blog (not my Facebook page). Make sure to leave your email address (which won’t show up with your comment, but I’ll be able to see it). The winners will be chosen at random.

The deadline to enter is midnight Pacific time on Friday. So–comment away!

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Really enjoy the information and advice that is given regarding finances.
Keep those in the know.



Hi! I follow your blog and on MSN. Just trying to be frugal by entering to win your new book! Thanks!


Thanks for giving us an opportunity to save money!


I like anything that has the words “free” and “money” together! I’d love to have one of your books :)


Would love to win a book. Thanks.


I love reading your articles on MSN and started following your blog a few months ago. I would love to read your new book!


Love the advice you give on Marketplace Money, MSN Money, and yr blog.


Follow you on Facebook and your blog! Would love a free book- great way to start 2012


Hello. I follow you on facebook. Free things are very helpful to me. We don’t currently make enough money to cover our living expenses. I hope I win.


Liz, I love your Money advice and would love to receive a copy of the 10 Commandments… Lord knows, I need it!


Cant wait to read your book!! You always have great advice!


I love your financial advice and try to follow it as much as possible. Would love to win one of your books!!!


I have been following your column on MSN for a couple of years now and I find your advice very helpful. You are the reason I have emergency fund!


My kids need this book.


I heard about this via @radiotess.


I just checked out this book from the library for the second time! It is packed with good advice. Honestly, it has been one of my favorite financial planning books (and I’ve been reading a lot of them lately). I’m hoping I win one! Thanks for the chance!


Looking forward to reading your book! I hope I win but will look for it in paperback.


Liz, I’ve been reading your articles for years and would love a copy of your new book!


Hello! This book would be wonderful to have! Love your blog! Happy Holidays!


I love your advice and your writing. I’d love to win your book!


Love your blog! Crossing my fingers. :-)


I have been following your blog for a couple years now. I love them! They are useful and practical and I appreciate your no-nonsense approach to questions.


I love your blog and have been reading yoru articles for years. would love to read your new book.


I have been following your blog, and before that your MSN Money column, for many years now. Probably since you went to MSN Money, in 2002?


I follow you on twitter. Big fan of all your advice.


I could use the advice in your new book. I worked hard to pay down my credit card debt and I was so close when a family tragedy struck. My father passed away and I assisted with paying for funeral costs. In time I will regain the money but I miss my father.
What advice would you give to prepare myself and family for possible other unexpected events?


I love reading your blog. I love reading the questions and answers.


Very curious. Have followed on FB for a while, but would love to read your book.


I’ve been following your blog for awhile and would love to read your book.


I would love a copy! I borrowed one from the library, but I could give this one to my sister who is making great strides in getting her money life together!


Have followed your advice long before FACEBOOK. Would love a copy of your new book!


This would be a great book to win! Thank you!


I need all the money help I can get!


I have room on my shelves and would Love to add your book. Thanks :-)


I read your articles on MSN and I would love to win a copy of your book “The Ten Commandments of Money”. I tried getting it at my local library and they only have one copy of the audio version.


I’ve been following your MSN column for years, and now your Facebook page too! Your advice is always solid and insightful. Thank you!


I’ve checked your book out from the library 3 or 4 times now. Would love to win a copy of my own!


Yes please! I’d love to read your new book.


I’ve been following your articles and blogs for years.. would love to win one of your books!


I enjoy reading your blog and would love to win a copy of your book! Thank you!


I enjoy your blog via iGoogle RSS. Thanks for the opportunity to win your book!


Love your books, columns and blog postings. I’ve created my savings bucket system based on your advice and its a great comfort. Sometimes I log into my accounts just to look at them. Love to be able to give your paperback as a gift because I’m not parting with my audio version. Thanks for giving great advise!


Hi, I am a personal finance book junkie, so I really can’t wait to read your book. I guess I should also admit that I am really a personal finance information junkie..books, web, tv, the list goes on and on:) And I love the MSN Money Smart Spending app. It’s one of the places I look for new info. everyday!


Thank you!


I love your site, and your books! I would love to win this book! Please send it to snowyeee montana :)


Hi. I’ve done comparatively well financially, but it was due more to luck rather than skill. I now have a 20yo and 17yo who understand money basics, but I don’t feel adequate enough to teach them anything beyond that. I would really love your book to use for guiding them. Also, I’d love to hear any ideas you have for their personal financial education. I’m starting a Roth IRA for my 20yo. Thanks!


I’ve been following you (mainly your articles) since you were a part time contributor. Glad you have a book out and while I haven’t read it yet, it is on my “to read” list. Grad school is kicking my butt though, so I have to wait a bit before I can hit the library.


I like money and I like free things. This seems like the perfect storm of winning!


I really enjoy your facebook postings – the link to the 99% was very cool. We need your advice more and more these days. Thanks!


Great advice! Enjoy your articles.


Have read your articles on MSN forever. Really looking forward to the book.


I would LOVE to win a free copy of your book! Thanks for the opportunity!


Free is good. And I love your writing.


Love you on Marketplace Money. Would love a copy of the book. Thanks.


you really give great advice. You deserve your own show since you give things away like Oprah.


Love your advice and would love a copy of your book! Thanks much!


I would like to read your book and learn new things for this upcoming year to share with clients.


Thank you, Liz. Thanks to your tips and eye-opening facts, I’ve been able to recover from a very bad financial situation to where I am now. I follow your advice and my credit, along with my lifestyle, has significantly improved.


I love your advice and own your other book. Thanks for helping so many people understand money and credit issues!


I’m a big fan of yours, Liz! Would love to win a book (but even if I don’t will check out from my local library).


Please i would like to have a copy of the book, also if unfortunately i am not the winner i will be glad to buy a copy.

thanks for being generous with your knowledge.


Free is good. Anyone who advises on money knows that. :D


I am always receptive to suggestions re: money mgmt, & I am especially receptive to SOUND suggestions! Getting the “10 Commandments…” free would just be a bonus!!


Enjoy your practical and sound directives. Would love a copy for myself!!!


Looking forward to reading your new book! :)


I’ve been reading your articles on MSN for a number of years, and always get something out of them. Looking forward to reading your book!


I need this book! I need to get a handle on my money management skills:)


I would love to receive a copy of your book! I am trying to get my finances in order and making changes little by little to get out of debt and hopefully in the near future start saving. Thank you for your tips!


I enjoyed your article on MSN: “what the 1% know about money”. Some good insight and opportunities.

I look forward to receiving your book (The 10 Commandments of Money) and taking more out of it.


Please enter me into this draw :)


I love reading your personal finance articles!


Free book wanted here.


Liz, your advice always goes a long way.


Just “liked” you on Facebook and have read several of your articles. Good stuff, thanks.


Please pick me. I would love to own your book.


I always had no financial issues … until recently and I am looking for ways to correct it. I am hoping that your book will assist me with getting on the right track.


Would love to win your book! I follow you on facebook.