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I’m giving away five (count ‘em! 5!) copies of my book, “The 10 Commandments of Money,” which recently came out in paperback.

To enter to win a copy, leave a comment here on my blog (not my Facebook page). Make sure to include your email address (which won’t show up with your comment, but I’ll be able to see it). The winners will be chosen at random. Then check your email (including your spam filter). If I don’t hear from a winner by 8 a.m. Monday, his or her prize will be forfeited and I’ll pick another winner.

Also, check back here often. I’m giving away a bunch of other authors’ money books as well, starting next week.

The deadline to enter is midnight Pacific time on Friday. So–comment away!


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Liz, I would Love to get htis book! I have been following you for years…your voice on financial matters is the one I trust most! I like your delivery & honesty! Thanks for all of the service you provide. Best, Ellen


I would love a copy of your book as it may help me to understand better how people got to that score and how to help correct it.


I would love a copy if the book! Recently unemployed and trying to get by as a single income family now.


hope to learn a lot from your book, i really need to get going in this type os subject.


I would very much like to have your book for my young adult sons. They are both financially savvy, and this would give them even more tools.


I would love a copy of your book. My brother is graduating high school this year and has no idea how to manage money, or what credit means, and I am trying my best to help him learn the lessons I learned the hard way (at first) and then the right way (from MSN Money and your articles).


Hi, Liz. I’d LOVE to get this book!!


I would love this book. I’m revamping my long standing money management strategies (so many things to add and account for with a family etc.). I appreciate your insights on your blog and am sure your book will prove to be as insightful with many golden nuggets.


I would love a copy of your book where I am sure I will gain insight that will help my financial future.


Oh boy do I need this book!


Woohoo! Love these book giveaways. Thanks Liz.


Love the blog. Keep up the good work!


I would love a copy of this book! Thanks for these giveaways!


I would also love a copy of this book. I really enjoyed Easy Money.


Awesome giveaway! Hope I am chosen.


Count me in. I’m always up for a good read.


Saw the comment on Facebook, posting here to enter th contest.
Thanks, Liz!


Would love a copy, to help raise credit score and show my preteen daughter at early age!!!


Love your advice and would love a copy of your book. Thanks!


I would love to win this book! I am a recent college graduate just starting out in the workforce and could use all the help I could get. Thanks!


Hi Liz, I would love a copy of the book The 10 Commandments of Money. Love your articles and look forward to reading them daily.


I’d like to add your book to my library.


Would enjoy having a free copy. Planning on putting it in our church library!


Thanks for all of the great financial insight!


I’ve been following your column for many years and sharing what I’ve read wih family and freidns. Count me in, please!


I am addicted to personal finance books and would love to add this one to my collection. Thank you!


Hi Liz! I recently retired. Could really use your sound advice. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book.


I’d love a copy. Consider me entered in the drawing.


I would love to win this! I read your money articles often. I need all the financial help I can get!


I’m a new follower and I’m loving your advice. Would love to get a copy of your book. Thanks!


Would love to have this book, as I’ve been going through some employment and cash ups and downs…


I love your column! You articles on personal finance helped me greatly over the years. I have articles printed and saved from 2006 – 2010! We were able to get rid of credit card debt, save for a daughter’s college fund and steer my retirement away from losing investments. I would love the book!


I’ve been reading your stuff for awhile now, would love to have this one!


Hi! I would love a copy of your book. I’ve checked it out numerous times from the library and it would be great to have my own copy. Thanks!


I love your articles and would love your book!


I’d love a copy. Thanks for the chance to win one!


I would love to win a copy so I am posting here. Thanks!


I would love to win your book!


i got myself into some deep trouble when i entered the HAMP program,not realizing what it would do to my credit. i am on disability and now sinking financially.appreciate any help n insight i can gain! ty


I would like to read this book and help me get some things straightened out


Your articles are great! I would love to win your book.


Hey Liz,

I have always enjoyed your articles and blogs. I know your book will be a great read. Your advice is great! Thanks.


I think your articles are great and very informative. Great stuff!


Love a good free read!


Hi Liz! Could really use your sound advice.


I enjoy reading your blog and would love to win a copy of your book!
Thank you.


I get so much helpful info from your blog and your articles on MSN!


The 11th commandment of money: Read Liz Weston’s columns, books and blog posts.


Love listening to you on the Marketplace Money podcast. The book would be a great addition to my library, I love sharing $ info with friends.


I’d love to win! My husband and I are in our early 20s and I want so much to set us up for a good financial future.


Hi Liz! First time blogger, long time listener!


Would love to win this! Looks good!


I would love a copy of this book. I’ve been laid off at age 60yo, so the reality is that I may need to live on savings until I can retire. With the cost of health insurance, I’m not going to make it.


Hi Liz:

Thank you for all your wise advice on money.



I’ve been in search of a great book personal finance book and your new book, “The 10 Commandments of Money” was listed as one of the top 5 on the Mint.com website. My husband and I both grew up in households in which we witnessed poor money habits and unfortunately, we both inherited most of those poor habits. We are coming up on our 5 year wedding anniversary (March 17) and we have two young children (a 4 year old son and a 2 year old girl and I also have a step-son, my husband’s 7 year old from a previous marriage). We bring in enough money to live comfotably, but neither of us no the first thing about creating a good budget and sticking with it. We want to provide for our family and, most of all, we do not want our children to stuggle with money as they become responsible adults.
We’d REALLY appreciate the free copy of your book b/c I believe it starts with the basics and neither of us know even the first step(s) to begin creating a productive, money-saving budget for our family.


Really appreciate your great insight!


Hi, Liz – would love to get a copy of this book!


Just recently discovered your site through The Finance Buff, and your book looks like a winner – would enjoy checking it out.


Oh goodie! Looks like I’m just about making the cut off to win your book! Crossing fingers that I win it…I would love to read your book.